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When something is broke looks can be deceiving. We naturally make things smaller than they really are.
When your garage door starts to become problematic, you may not give the issue a second thought.
Unfortunately, this is how a minor issue turns into a major problem quickly.Garage doors are very heavy weighing over 300 pounds. When you notice a slight hiccup in your garage door’s performance it’s advised to have the door looked at soon.
The truth is continued use of a problematic door can lead to serious injuries and extensive
damages if the door ever comes crashing down.

It needs not to be this way…

Our garage door technicians have years of experience, the knowledge and expertise to provide
you with the best cost effective solution no matter how complex the issue. Providing same day service
and emergency service 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Will arrive to your home on time for any of your repair needs.
We stand behind all our work to ensure you have less hassles with return visits.
We always will provide you with a free estimate before any work id ever started.
You can have peace of mind knowing our technicians are friendly, courteous and have the expertise to service all makes and models of garage doors and openers. Some of the most common issues we have listed below.
Keep in mind this is NOT an exhausted list off all issues, just the most common we see.
If you are experiencing any of these issues, we advise you to have your garage door checked.

Common Garage Door Repairs Include:

Stuck Garage Door / Off-Track Garage Door

This issue is one of the most dangerous repairs we see.
Do not try to force the garage door opened or closed and stop use immediately.
This can cause the garage door to fall completely off its track leading to extensive damages or serious injuries.
This issue could be a strong sign that your garage door spring(s) have broken.

The best step to take, for all you “handy mans” and “DIY’ers” is to unplug the opener from the outlet.
No need for someone to try and operate the door and make the matter worse.
The garage door opener’s arm could be the only part keeping the garage door from crashing down.
This repair is dangerous and should be handled by professional experienced Edmonds garage door repair company.

Need HELP NOW! Call Liberty Garage Door Repair and we will arrive to make your garage door like new again.
Keep in mind there are no “guarantees” that the garage door can be saved. Some damages are beyond repair.
We strive to repair before replacing and provide you the best cost effective solution.

Garage Door Roller Replacement

Your garage door roller are the parts that allows your garage door to move along its tracks.
These roller are rated in cycles, which is one full revolution (opening and closing) of your garage door.
Standard industry cycle for most rollers are 10,000 cycles.
We advise to check your rollers periodically for any sign of trouble.

The life cycles of garage door rollers varies and there are a few things to be considered.
The type of rollers you have, the garage door’s weight and how often the door is opened and closed.
At the first sign of trouble give us a call before this leads to a bigger problem.

Garage Door Panel Repair / Replacement


We all have accidently backed into our garage door or pulled up to the door as it was closing up and dented the panel.
No matter how your garage door panel got damaged this is a very common issue and you not alone.
We provide two solutions to remedy damaged panels. We can expertly repair any of the damaged panels,
some damages are too extensive to repair. We can also replace the panels and match them to
your existing garage door if required. Keep in mind that garage doors weigh over 300 pounds and
these repairs should not be done on your own.

Garage Door Springs | Frayed Garage Door Cables Repair / Replacement

The most frustrating common repair issue we see are broken garage door springs or frayed broken cables.
This issue can keep you from opening your garage door and getting your car in or out.
When experiencing this issue its best to look for anything impeding the path of the cables.
Look for any built up dirt and debris that could cause a hiccup in the cables movement.
Your garage door springs bears all the weight of your garage door and the cables carry the force of the springs.
The cable are part of the garage door springs system and both parts have an extreme amount of tension on them.
This repair is dangerous and should be handled by the professionals at Liberty Garage Door Repair.

Garage Door Opener Repair / Replacement

Garage door openers has added convenience to our garage door.
We instinctively reach for our garage door remotes to open or close our garage doors.
This time as you press the button for whatever reason the garage door is not responding,
uh oh! Broken or damaged garage door opener can be an annoying pain in the butt.
We are available 24 hours a day and provide same day service to ensure your opener operates like new.
Liberty Garage Door Repair provides free estimates, expert technicians for repairs and replacement openers on our vehicles.
No matter your situation we can help give us call.

Garage Door Tracks Repair / Replacement

Your garage door tracks bears the weight of the garage door when its moving.
Remember garage doors weigh over 300 pounds and this weight can cause your garage door to fall if tracks are in bad shape.
We can repair your tracks depending on the extent of damages. If they are in really bad shape
then replacement is necessary to ensure safety.

Preventative Garage Door Maintenance

There are over 300 parts in your garage door and if neglected can lead to anyone of the issues above.
This is why we recommend you have preventative maintenance done to your garage door twice a year.
This service will ensure your garage door operates smoothly, properly and safely.
This service helps extend the life of your system as well providing an opportunity to catch any issues before they arise.